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Maria Claire Bilger, Founder of Maria Claire Beauty, LLC and g.o.a.t. face cosmetics, lives with her husband Don and children at their small country farm inn in northern New Hampshire, where she works as a Bridal Makeup Artist at her onsite salon on weekends and farms her pet goats 24/7.
 While doing her annual production of homemade goat's milk soap and candles for her summer farm stand, the idea of g.o.a.t. face cosmetics was born. 
"I felt my creativity shift and a light went on! Why not combine my two passions and create something unbelievable!?" 
  Creating a skincare and color cosmetic line with goat’s milk became her passion, so that while the conscious skincare consumer and makeup artists alike are beautifying the surface of the skin, they are also nourishing it with the powerful natural properties of goat's milk.
 Finally, after never steering  away from her vision, we finally have the Greatest Of All Time, g.o.a.t. face cosmetics!

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